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    Byford Machine-Tool, Inc.

    Small enough to respond…Big enough to process multiple and varying projects


    product grouping

    Sharp Minds. Skilled Craftsmen. Rigorous Standards. Quality Products.

    Amidst the quiet hills of Texas, just outside of Valley Mills, a progressive machine-tool shop is designing, milling, cutting, stamping, welding, fabricating, inspecting, polishing, testing, and shipping custom crafted parts to industries across the valley…and around the world.




    Byford Machine-Tool staffs a top-notch team of professionals and craftsmen to ensure the quality of your product and exemplary customer service.

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    From conventional lathes and milling machines, to CNC mills and lathes, to drills, saws and other cutting equipment, Byford Machine-Tool has the equipment and know-how to complete your job on time and on spec.

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    Our two shop facilities provide a combined working area of 26,000 square feet—enabling us to handle your job, large or small, with ease.

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